Strange feature behavier in Adobe apps

I’m trying to do a substition feature, to get as a result for example “Abc·def”. So I made a calt feature to turn “Abcdef” and also “Abc def” (with space) into “Abc·def”.
The results in Indesign are the following:
When I have in the paragraph window “Adobe Paragraph Composer” enabled, only the version with space works. However, when I have “Adobe World-Ready Paragraph Composer” enabled, only the Version without space works. The one with space results in a bad kerning.

Any ideas? See attached the feature code and the result.

Is that “c” before the first “periodcentered” in your code intentional?

EDIT: Oh wait, now I see what you’re trying to do with it. Do a replace-one-with-many and a replace-one-with-one have to be in separate lookups?

I also tried 2 lookups, but still not working. Is there another way to achieve this?

The syntax for changing contactual substitution is like this:

lookup period {
    sub A by A periodcentered; # simple on to many, no context
    sub B by B periodcentered; # simple on to many, no context
    sub C by C periodcentered; # simple on to many, no context
} period;
feature calt {
	lookup chaining_context {
		sub A B C' lookup period D E F;
	} chaining_context;
	lookup simple_context {
		sub A B C space' D E F by periodcentered;
	} simple_context;
} calt;

Where would I put the first lookup (period), if not inside calt? When I write your code inside calt, it tells me “Nesting feature blocks not allowed”.

UPDATE: Found it, I have to put it in the Prefix. Still, the result is the same than before. Not working “Adobe Paragraph Composer”, only for “Adobe World-Ready Paragraph Composer”.

The simple composer “simply” doesn’t support one-to-many subs.

Exactly, the classic ‘Adobe Composer’ will not support complex substitutions. Also, do not use space in your OT features, it will fail at least in some environments.

so there is no way the generate a useable font with a feature which turns something like “Abcdef” or “Abc def” into “Abc·def? Hell, whats wrong with you, Adobe?