Strange fvar table in GX font

I have a font with regular and bold masters and corresponding Regular and Bold instances. The weight axis runs from 100 to 500. I have been playing with the new GX export, but no glyphs are showing in fontview at all. I’ve checked the system log to make sure that all my glyphs are compatible, and all I get is:

Sep 24 12:24:48 Simons-MBP-2 Glyphs[69064]: removeTableForKey: 'VORG' table not found
Sep 24 12:24:48 Simons-MBP-2 Glyphs[69064]: Font export time: 0.301074

However, looking at the font in ttx, the fvar table looks strange. I don’t get a bold instance at all, instead:

$ ttx -o - -t fvar CammerayGX.ttf
Dumping "CammerayGX.ttf" to "-"...
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ttFont sfntVersion="\x00\x01\x00\x00" ttLibVersion="3.0">

Dumping 'fvar' table...

    <!-- Weight -->

    <!-- Regular -->
    <NamedInstance nameID="258">
      <coord axis="wght" value="100.0"/>

    <!-- Cammeray-Regular -->
    <NamedInstance nameID="257">
      <coord axis="wght" value="0.00763"/>


I don’t know if this is connected to why the glyphs don’t show up, but it doesn’t look right.

I have fixed that already. The update is almost finished, hopefully later today.