Strange hinting

Hello again,
I’m trying some hinting in Glyphs, and thought I had made all values correctly. Therefore, I don’t understand why some letters/numbers still make some ‘jumping’? Please have a look at ‘40-41’ hereby attached. What’s wrong, specially concerning the zero-glyph?

The four needs ghost hints. Please read the chapter in the manual and/or the tutorial.

Yes, I have also tried adding ghost hints to four, but it still looks too high compared with zero (I have also added ghost hints to zero.) I must be under a curse … :frowning:

Where are you testing the hinting? Are you using the Adobe fonts folder?
Testing Your Fonts in Adobe Apps:

The zero needs stem hints.

I test the font in InDesign. Well, it doesn’t make any difference at all to install the fontfile into AFF. Hhhmm …

Please never install a font in the systems fonts folder if you are still working on it. Now delete all versions of it until Indesign shows a replacement font and then export into the adobe fonts folder.

You may have run into the font cache problems. Read this, please: Eliminating Font Cache Problems.