Strange Interpolation

I think the interpolation is not working properly to me (but i’m not sure). At least I’m getting strange results on my instances.

I’m using 2.5 (1116)

Generated instance: :frowning:

Any help, why is this happening?

This is called kinks. Even when the nodes are theoretically compatible, diagonal handles do not transition at the same pace that they can break. See this tutorial:

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Thanks @Tosche

Take a look at @RafalBuchner‘s recent tweets, he has been dealing with this exact issue:

And I have a plugin in the works :slight_smile:


Ha, me too. :slight_smile: in my case, an extension to the angled handles plug-in.

That looks “correct”. Interpolating diagonal like this is tricky. You need overlap:

The kinks look like inktraps! :slight_smile:
Or tampered tampered corners!

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Getting the inktraps to interpolate correctly is a bit tricky :wink:

My first reaction was, ‘what’s wrong, the Z looks really cool that way’, haha.

Seriously, look into the Dekink script in my repo, what you need to do is recreate the same distance proportions between all points that need to stay in line. Consider extending into the overlap, if necessary a white overlap.

Or put the Dekink function of the RMX tools as a custom parameter in your instances.

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