Strange multiple glyphs error


Suddenly, I got this error:

cmap{plat=3,script=1,lang=0}: multiple glyphs Euro euro mapped to code <20ac>

when trying to activate features in preview (and hit compile btn).

I don’t have multiple euro glyphs in my font. But when I uncheck exports checkbox of a dollar and a sterling error is gone.

All glyphs have their unicodes. I removed these glyphs and then regenerated them. I removed all features. Nothing helps. Looks like euro, dollar and sterling don’t like each other :slight_smile:

Glyphs Version 1.3.23 (500) , 3 masters file.


Ok. Solved. I had in Custom Parameter Add missing symbol glyphs which caused this error.

The problem is that Glyphs accepts both spellings ‘Euro’ and ‘euro’. The custom parameter thinks ‘Euro’ is missing, and adds it. One workaround is to use the capitalized spelling even though some categories will report the glyph /euro as missing.