Strange paste error I see intermittently

hi—I occasionally see an issue with copy/pasting open paths: sometimes, the path will paste in upside down, or rotated at a 90° angle. only happens with open paths.

hitting undo or deleting the path, then re-pasting it always pastes it correctly, so it’s not a huge issue. didn’t know if you’d seen this before; a search didn’t return anything about it.

I’m on a mid-2012 MBP retina working fullscreen, hooked up to an aluminum-enclosure Apple 23" Cinema Display.

Where do you copy the paths from. From the same glyph or font? Of from a different font?

Do you have something selected when you paste?

@GeorgSeifert: I’m almost sure it’s from the same font every time, but since it’s intermittent I’m not positive. I’ll watch.

@mekkablue yes. every time. (every once in a while, the pasted path will paste with one endpoint connected to the selected path, with the rotation I originally mentioned.)

i also think I’m pasting from background to foreground every time (I keep curves I might like in the background so I can then make a bunch of alt chars and judge between them) , but I’m not positive.

I’ll watch for consistencies and post here again when I start seeing them.

See if it helps if you deselect everything before you paste.

checking in, now that it’s been a few days. this error hasn’t shown up when I paste with everything de-selected. (to be clear I’m not sure if that means it’s not happening, or I just haven’t run into it yet.)

If you have a continuous node selection, it will try and insert the pasted path into the partially selected path. There are exceptions, like immediate copy-paste for duplicating.

i didn’t follow that, sorry, what do you mean by “insert” and “immediate copy-paste”?

(my guess: insert=paste new path into selected open path, and attempt connect open nodes?

immediate copy/paste=the process as described in 3.3.7 in the manual.)

Two animated GIFs say more than 1,000 words:

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cool, thanks. this is what i thought you meant. I’d forgotten entirely that had been added. I’m going to just keep my eye open for the path rotation to happen again and see if maybe I’m just pasting with something selected in those cases. I bet I am.

following up on this for the sake of completion: the rotation & paste I was seeing was Glyphs trying to connect things when I had a selection active. thanks for the explanation.

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