Strange VF rendering bug in Firefox

I am experiencing a strange bug with a variable font’s interpolation


The bottom /C is actually a Cyrillic /Es using /C as a component - I think it is only happening because it is a component, which I confirmed by adding another Latin letter with /C as a component and it happened there too

It also only happens next to some letters

Is it fair to assume this is a bug with Firefox? And if so, is there a good way to report such bugs? I can’t reproduce with Chrome

That looks like there is an acute behind the C?

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oh, very good catch! :sweat_smile: I wonder if there is an oddly-behaving fallback / zero width character in something I pasted from the initial russian text to test with…

Yes that was it my font was lacking an /O_acutecomb-cy and the unattached acute was a fallback font. Thanks Georg, sorry to bother you !

Except in very rare circumstances, you should not add a O_acutecomb-cy. You only need the O-cy and acutecomb and set up anchors to get the mark positioning feature.

odd, that is how I set it up. maybe it is not generating the mark feature because my acutecomb is actually acutecomb.cap?

You need a plain “acutecomb” for sure. if you like to see the “acutecomb.cap” in uppercase letters, you need to add some code in the ccmp feature.

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