strikeoutPosition and strikeOut size not updating

I’m having some trouble updating the strikeoutPosition and strikeoutSize and getting them to update. They’re fine in the original version of my font, but after changing some of the metrics including ascender, cap height, etc. they seem to have stopped displaying correctly. Is there something I’m missing here? Thank you!

Where did you set them and where do you test?

stikeoutPosition is set to 309, strikeoutSize is set to 108

Screen Shot 2021-01-15 at 1.53.44 PM

I’ve been testing in InDesign and Illustrator. Thank you!

and have you read this:

Just tried eliminating caches and im still seeing a differently displayed (thinner) strikethrough. I’ll try setting up the Adobe fonts folder —but was just wondering if maybe there are other reasons this might be happening.

You are exporting as TrueType?

Is the strikeoutPosition parameter set in Font Info > Exports?

Just did a test and found that InDesign ignores the strikeout values stored in the OS/2 OpenType table. In InDesign, the user (not the font) sets the strikeout options: