Stroke size different for thin fonts

Hi there! I am having this problem, when I copy and paste from illustrator to Glyphs there is always one pixel less in one side of the glyph.

Here is an image:

I know that ideally I should have started the font on glyphs, but since I never had problems starting with illustrator I just went with it.

PS: In illustrator they are weights are correct for all the letters, so sometimes is being changed on glyphs app.

I imagine this is an issue with snapping to points on the grid. There is an option to turn off grid alignment, you could try pasting from Illustrator then, but make sure you create a new document to test this theory.

Finally, I would advise never drawing in Illustrator – always use Glyphs, it’s a far superior drawing tool.

This worked! For other that might have the same problem Just go to Font info -> other settings -> Grid Spaccing -> set to zero.

Yeah! I really need to make only on glyphs, going to force me to do that next time =)

Thanks for the help!

But I recommend to set the grid back to 1 and round all nodes (and fix eventual rounding problems). If you keep the grid disabled, it is much more difficult to get consistent stems.

I set it back to 1, but then it changed the width by 1 pixel again so it’s wrong again. I think since I started the wrong way by doing in illustrator now is much harder to get things right. Well, next time I will do it directly on glyphsapp.

Thanks again!

Please take the time to fix this. Put the unrounded paths in the background, set the grid to 1 and round. Then you can just the positioning of the nodes.

Going to do that, or later on it will come back and bite me.

Thanks again.