Stroke variable font corner element not exporting correctly

Hi guys

Hope you’re all well. I’m having trouble with exporting a variable font which is made from live strokes and corner elements. In OTF it exports fine, but in variable format, the corners get turned inside out and expand far beyond the stroke size in the lighter variants. Anyone know what might be the problem? Cheers!

font-files: (removed)


I removed the link to your google share. There where too many files that you might not share with everyone.

Hi Georg, thanks for your answer. I deleted the files and only kept the working file & variable export. is this allowed?

It was “allowed” as it was. But not necessary to share so many things.

I think you can share single files, too. I did download the file before I removed the link.

Okay, got it. Great! Looking forward to a solution… Thank you!!

Hi @GeorgSeifert, any updates on this? :slight_smile:

Not yet. Thanks for the reminder.

I had another look. And it seem that is one of the “nice” bugs where the solution is to remove 50 lines of code. Needs some more testing.

Hi Georg, great news! will be looking forward to seeing the patch go live… Thanks!!

Just seen the patch, works now. Thank you so much, Georg!