Stuck hand cursor

I am finding that a particular sequence of actions in Glyphs (2.3.1, [905] on OS 10…10.5) results in the cursor being stuck as both a black arrow and a hand. Nothing that I have found will reset this, even after quitting Glyphs, except a Log out or a restart. Screenshot attached. In Glyphs and in other apps, the pointer cursor will change normally according to context, but it is always accompanied, one step behind, by the persistent hand, like an unwelcome hanger-on.

It is difficult to determine exactly what triggers this bug in Glyphs, because it is inconsistent, and once it has happened you have to log out/restart to get rid of it, so testing is laborious, but it seems (not surprisingly) to be some permutation or sequence of spacebar/command/option/click.

Of course it may depend on other things I have running, such as BetterTouchTool/Smart Scroll etc. It is certain however that Glyphs is an element in the mix. I can try to pin it down more tightly, but I am interested to know first whether anyone else has experienced it, and whether any obvious cause suggests itself?

Sorry, forgot the screenshot.

I’ve never had that happen.

You wrote that it happens in other apps too. Sounds to me like it’s more a System cause than a Glyphs one.

No, what I mean is that once it has been triggered by something in Glyphs (or some conflict involving Glyphs), it persists across other apps and the Finder. It always starts in Glyphs, but it may well be an interaction between Glyphs and the System.

I never saw that. It might be an incompatibility of one of the tools you mentioned. Can you try to deactivate them and see if it still happens?

I’ll try to pin it down Georg, and let you know. May take some time.

I am now almost sure that this was a conflict with Smart Scroll. With the Grab Scroll option in Smart Scroll disabled, it has not recurred in a long while.