Stuck in Sharpen Corner in All Masters

Hello, since a new thread was requested for problems, I would like to reiterate my frustration with a persistent issue:
The “Sharpen Corner” option is always in “in All Masters” mode in 3.2, at least for me. Is there any way this could be fixed or investigated further? I am aware I can use “Reconnect Nodes” instead, but at the very least, it’s visually annoying to see that title all the time :wink: Thanks!

Can you try without plugins?
And can you send me a screenshot of the menu?

Hello, sorry for the late reply.
MacBook Air 2020 (Intel), Monterey 12.5.1, Glyphs 3177 (safe mode):

Good news: On my Mac Mini 2023 with Ventura (fresh Glyphs 3.2 installation), it works fine.