Student Upgrade

Hi guys, I have Glyohs 2 and purchased this at student pricing, obviously as I’m a student. Am I able to upgrade to 3 in the same manner? I’m about to go into my last year of study.

There’s a link to request a student license in the Discount licensing for Glyphs 3 section of the Get Glyphs page.

You should have received an upgrade coupon. Please send an e-mail to office at this domain.

Thanks, I will try and find it and forward it on. Just awaiting my laptop from repair.

Hi Rainer, I know I’ve had it, but cant locate it in my email. What email would it come from?

Either verena or tim or office at this domain. If you could not find your upgrade coupon, please send an e-mail to office at this domain, asking for the coupon to be resent. Perhaps add a copy of the original order confirmation mail.