Style Linking errors?

Hello, after having the courage to update to 3195, I found some new fields in the exports, under Style Linking:


What are the red exclamation marks for? There is no tooltip when hovering over them. Clicking on the + at the end inserts a new field at the top (Typographic Family Names for preferredFamilyNames). This makes sense, in a way, but is still confusing.

Those are not supposed to be there. I’ll fix it.

This is fixed for static instances and, for some reason, one of two variable fot settings, but not the other one:


Can you send a bigger screenshot?

Showing that is correct. This key is not supported in the variable settings but was still present in the file. It shouldn’t cause any harm but it is still better to see and being able to delete them.

Alright, thanks. Don’t know how that got there.