Style linking problem


I have a really simple font family with Regular, Bold + Italics

I’ve set up the style linking as I always do and everything works in InDesign and textedit. When I try in Word/Powerpoint the BoldItalic doesn’t work at all, it always turns into a faux italic.

Any idea what’s causing this?

  • Make sure you use TTF.
  • Consider renaming your Regular Italic to Italic.
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Thanks for replying!

I tried these but no change, the bold italic is still faux generated by Word/Powerpoint

Is this on Word for Mac? If so, I experienced the same. It is apparently a bug in Word, nothing in the font can be done to prevent it (except not style-linking the fonts). I reported it some months ago already, but MS has not fixed it yet.

Always remember Microsoft’s official stance on third-party fonts: They may or may not work :wink:

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Thanks for confirming what I suspected.

I started testing on other fonts that I knew were working before but now this bug is happening with those as well…