Style names in English regardless of OS language

I read the manual and checked this forum, but unfortunately I couldn’t find the solution.

Depending which language I use on my computer, style names are always displayed according to this language, e.g. Bold, Fett, Fet, Gras.

Is it possible to display style names in ALL languages in English regardless of the OS language? I tried preferredSubfamilyName without success, common style names such as Regular, Light, Bold etc. are automatically translated by the system. I know that I can use the parameter localizedStyleName for every language, but maybe there is a solution where I don’t have to set it respectively for each language? I am using Glyphs 2.6.5.

Thank you!

This is done by CoreText. I believe the settings in the font have no influence on this. But only Apple knows.

This is done with the localizedName(forFamily:face:) API. Some Mac apps use this API and thus show font style names in the system language and other apps do not use this API and just display the default style name (typically the English name). The font has no influence over this, since the translations are done by macOS (presumably using a build-in dictionary of common style names).

Thank you, guys!