Style names in variable font

Hi! I generate variable font with 3 axes: width, weight and slant. In Font Info I add 6 extreme instances: 0 Black -20, 0 Black 0, 0 Black 20, 1000 Black -20, 1000 Black 0, 1000 Black 20 etc.
After generation I open TTF file in FontBook to install it, but instance “1000 Black -20” has name “Regular”. And after installation this instance has name “Regular” also in Indesign and other Adobe programs. So I don’t need one of names to be replaced by default “Regular”.
I had the same problem in Glyphs 2, but then eventually I generated font in DesignSpaceEditor.

I think you may need to set variable font origin = the first instance to avoid that

Thank you! “Variable font origin” helps to choose the main instance, but its name changes to “Regular” as earlier, and all other names stay correct.

Have you tried setting the first instance (probably the narrowest lightest upright) as the origin?
I think Adobe puts the origin in the first place.