Style Problem with FontExplorer

My client uses FontExplorer and tells us that there is a small problem with styles of font generated with the latest stable version 2.2 (818). However the fonts and styles work very well on Adobe software and other. This is only a problem observed on FontExplorer during the test. The screenshots show the fonts generated with the old version of Glyphs and fonts generated with the latest stable version.

Generated Fonts with old version go GlyphsApp / Styles are ok

Generated Fonts with new version go GlyphsApp / Styles are bad

Can you check the differences in the name table? That can be done with ttx or OTMaster. If you don’t know how to do that, I can have a look. I would need two fonts e.g. ‘DS Title Big Bold’ and ‘DS Title Big Bold Italic’.

Same problem here.

First position “Name” should be Macho Thin Italic, but now is Macho Italic.

I fixed the problem.

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there are indeed differences in the name table. Would you like I send you screenshots of DTL OTMaster or have you solved the problem? If you have fixed the problem when we have a new cutting edge version? Thank you a lot!

I figured it out. You need to wait for the update.

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