Stylistic Alternates


I’m trying to get Glyphs to make me some stylistic alternates, that is to enable an app like InDesign to swap in the more fancier versions of letters i’ve drawn.

I’m trying to figure out how the automatic feature generation works, and what steps I need to take.

I’ve tried using different suffixes on the alternate characters (.alt, ss01, calt, and a couple of others), and i’ve tried fiddling about with the features panel, adding names of features (salt, ss01, a couple of others) in different categories and switching on “generate Feature automatically”.

So far I’ve managed to generate the feature manually by adding a “calt” feature, but I’m wondering if there’s a way for me to set the file so it adds these things automatically?

  1. Add a .ssXX (XX= double digit number between 01 and 20) suffix to the glyph names.
  2. Go to Font Info > Features and click the Compile button. This should automatically add stylistic set features.

Thanks! I also had to press the rotating-arrow button (refresh?) for it to work, but now it does.

You're right, I mistook the buttons in my previous posting. Compile is just for recompiling the existing feature code. The Arrow button (re)builds automatic features.

Hi guys,
I’m having the same problem.

I’ve added the .ssXX to all my alternates but nothing happens “automatically” in Font Info… and I can’t see the alternates in the Illustrator glyphs panel either… Any advice?


You need to push the refresh button (circled arrow) in Font Info > Features. Illustrator does not support stylistic sets (ssXX), only stylistic alternates (salt). By default, Glyphs will generate salt as a copy of ss01.

You can access them via the glyph palette though, as long as you stick to the naming scheme, eg. x and x.ss01, adieresis and adieresis.ss01 etc. Note that until the period, the names must be the same.

Now it looks like this: and it’s not working when I refresh the Features… Not sure what I’m doing wrong…

You only created a layer. The point of an alternate glyph is to be a separate glyph. So, duplicate the glyph (Font > Duplicate), rename the new glyph, and make that layer the master. Then try refreshing the features again.

Thank you sir!

is it necessary to rename the alternate glyph with .ss01?
Or can I also use _alt01?

First, you always should use a period to separate the base name and the suffix. So you could use .alt01. But, if you do that, you have to write the feature code yourself.