Stylistic Set Names no longer exported?

Reading the guide:

It says:

It is a good idea to give your Stylistic Sets appropriate names, so your users can choose wisely in their OpenType-aware applications. Go into File > Font Info > Features and choose one of the ssXX features. Then, in the bottom right window pane, usually reserved for remarks, comments or code backups, you write Name: followed by a space and a human-readable English name for your set:

The text seems to contradict the image, does it go in the to panel or does it go in the bottom with a “Name: ”

I’ve set it up like so:

Screen Shot 2024-06-28 at 1.38.05 pm

But it doesn’t export.

The text was still for Glyphs 2, where you had to write it in the bottom right pane (for comments. I’ll take it out.

In Glyphs 3, you have your own text box. You don’t need to write Name: