Stylistic Sets & World-Ready Composer

I am working on a Thai and changing Stylistic Sets in Indesign (CC) doesn’t give any effect, but only if the World-Ready Composer is active. It must be active though for the Marks to properly attach to their anchors.

Is that a bug in either Indesign or Glyphs? Am I missing something? Do I need to wrap the Thai ssXX into a certain lookup?

You might need to set a script tag.

Oh yes thank you Georg!

I added languagesystem thai dflt; to the Languagesystems. It was missing because the LS wasn’t set to »generate automatically«. (I have to ask if this is on purpose, but that’s my cup of tea.)

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As well as the Languagesystem declarations, recently I’ve been calling lookups twice, once for dflt script and language and once for Thai script and language. That way the Thai lookups are called whatever script and language the user/app selects.

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