"sub period period period by ellipsis;"

I’m not sure which feature we use to specify the substitution of the three period by the ellipsis. Would it be correct in “contextual alternative (calt)”?


I don’t have my fonts make that substitution. Typesetters who understand and want an ellipsis know how to type it directly or set up their layout app to make the switch. Others will likely be confused by an automatic substitution.

The “contextual” in CALT refers to the context of surrounding glyphs, so its intended for things like “if f is followed by an ascender use this shorter version of it”. Admittedly font makers often pile uncontextual subs into that feature because it’s usually active by default. (But very often they are the kinds of substitutions, like the above, that are really better located outside the font.)

Don’t do this substitution. This is not the job of an OpenType feature. It is the job of the keyboard layout and/or layout engine.

I am grateful for the clarification of the two questions.
Thank you very much!

Indeed, I suppose that is the reason why I didn’t locate information about this substitution.
As such substitution did not work in the preview of Glyphs, I assumed that it needed to be programmed. Thank you!