Sub rules suddenly quit working

Hi, very new to Glyphs. was having great success with calt rules
when suddenly all the liga rules and the calt rules ceased to work.
I’ve deleted and retyped. nothing will work like it did.

the r.alt does not display , the o_0.liga no longer displays. could the problem be that the o_z.liga is getting confused by the o_0.liga that precedes it?

How do you test the font? Please read this:

Thanks for the reply but neither article addresses my problem. I have not tested the font in any application. The font alternates are misbehaving within the font editor of GLYPHS. If it’s the syntax then that wouldn’t explain why it was working all day until I made the o_z.liga glyph. Then everything went to hell.

Have you set Glyphs to display the Features (bottom left of the window)? Note that even features that other apps might have on by default like calt and liga need to be explicitly triggered to be seen within Glyphs.

Also, yes, if you have an “ooz” and OpenType has already replaced the /o/o with /o_o.liga, it will not replace the /o followed by /z with an /o_z.liga because that’s no longer an /o.

That was the problem! I don’t know how that ever got set to not display. I didn’t even know it was there. THANK YOU Eliason.