Subs/sinf/*inferior: automatic sinf feature contains only *inferior, .subs or .sinf glyphs ignored

Refreshing features makes sinf use the *inferior glyphs, even though .subs glyphs are present. Renaming them to .sinf and updating the sinf code doesn’t change this. Am I misunderstanding the tutorial?

It will look for suffixes in that order: “inferior”, “.sinf”, “.subs”. Why do you have “inferior” figures if you don’t want to use then? There is a reason there is a “sinf” and a “subs” feature I hope.

Well I don’t know if I want them, may as well keep just the *inferior. It’s basically a change of default generation behavior that confused me.

Oh, and please update the tutorial: It implies that if you want separate sinfs and subs, you need *.sinf and *inferior.

You are right. The figure tutorials need an update. I’ll start with this one.

EDIT: Just updated the tutorial.