Subscript kerning problem

Hello! I am currently editing an open-source font with some minor adjustments in spacing, heights, punctuation and details. Everything seems to be working fine except the newly updated turning pair “O” + ”₂”.

While using Figma as a test environment for the font, “O₂” seems to use a different kerning system in the default state. If I select the “O” and the “2” and press subscript, it works perfectly, but not if I select the “2” and then press “subscript”.

What am I missing? Any help is appreciated.

(Using Glyphs Pro)

OpenType features are not applied over formatting change boundaries. So it seems that Figma is diving the string when the feature changes. That is unusual. But that explains why it works when you apply the feature to both glyphs.

Thanks for the quick reply. And basically — there is nothing to be done?

File a bug report with Figma.

There might actually be a bug in my file though after all.

Using the original font file (before modifying it), works perfectly with sub scripts and super scripts in Figma.

Could there be an export error perhaps?

Can you send me the original and and you font?

Thank you! Files sent to

Are you sure it works with the original font? Because the original font has no kerning for that pair.
It doesn’t work in Figma but it does work in Illustrator.

I think your right, thanks for the support!