Subscripts with Unicode values

I would like my subscript figures
• to have Unicode values
• identical shape to be used for subs and sinf
• no additional .sinf glyphs
• without using custom naming

Is this possible?

What unicode you like to give them? There is the range uni2080–uni2089. You get those unicodes by using zeroinferior, oneinferior, ... names.

I assume you mean U+2080 through U+2089 (subscript zero through nine). These would be:

oneinferior twoinferior threeinferior fourinferior fiveinferior sixinferior seveninferior eightinferior nineinferior zeroinferior

You can then autogenerate subs and copy the code to sinf.

Ah, I forgot one bullte point, which would have been
• without manual feature code

Never mind, it seems that copying across feature code is still the “least manual” way of doing this. I always try to set up things so that they will not require any manual updates in case things change.

By the way, it would be very convenient to have a shortcut of inserting a feature into another, just like it would be done here. In the same font, I also append the whole onum at the end of case so that is another case where it would be helpful.

There are some nice things on our list. We just need a little time.

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If you enclose the subs into lookups, you can call that lookup later. That works with lookups inside of features.

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