Substitute glyph and terminal glyph by a ligature

I would like to make my l_l.fina prioritised over “l l.fina” in my script font.

For example, I type word “well” and last “l” is substituted by l.fina. I’ve tried to include “sub l l.fina by l_l.fina;” into my calt feature and it seemed to work, except that cursor in text mode behaves very strangely after that (for example, when I try to type space after that ligature, the space appears between two last “l” letters and ligature disappears of course).

So I thought maybe it is not the way It should be replaced. Would be happy to receive any suggestions, thank you!

The order of features is important: At present, I imagine you have calt above liga/dlig.

Subsequently, you are substituting the final l in well to l.fina, so when the ligature feature kicks in, there is no ‘ll’ in the glyph run. Adding sub l l.fina by l_l.fina is one solution. Or recompile with ligatures kicking in before calt.

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The cursor positioning in edit view with applied features is a known problem. It is going to be fixed in the upcoming cutting edge version.

Please test it in the Adobe Fonts folder:

If it works, it works.

Technically what you wrote is not a contextual alternate. It is a standard or required ligature. I would not place it in calt, but in liga, after fina.

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Thank you so much! I am doing my first ever font and thought I must doing something wrong) Everything works fine and I am more than happy, and I’ve moved the piece to liga.

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