Substitution works on glyphs but not in other

I am making an Odia font (Indian language) and, I am trying to substitute which only works in glyphs app typing but not anywhere else.

In the pstf feature I added this.

script ory2;
lookup Pstf_oriya {
    sub ka-oriya iMatra-oriya  by  ka_iMatra-oriya ;
} Pstf_oriya;

I though that it could be the re-ordering. But it doesn’t seem like it is the problem.

I only could get it to work by puting it in the “akhn” feature.

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Thank you so much, it works now but but is it okay to put it akhn because it is not a conjunct but post base form of consonant ? I mean render issues in other devices and platform

The district features have some underlying meaning but I don’t really understand them :wink: as long as it works you should even fine.

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I’ve done it after pasting code in ‘post base substitution’.