Suggestion: access masters from the touch bar

Hi there!

Just a little topic for a suggestion I have for Glyphs.

When working on a font with multiple masters, I’m always using the keyboard shortcut ‘cmd + 1, 2, 3…’ to access a different master. My problem is when working on a font with more than nine masters, it’s not convenient to access the last masters of your system. So my suggestion would be to use the touch bar to display all the masters and to access them easily. I have no idea if it’s doable, if it’s something that was in the pipes or anything, I just think it could be super convenient.

Anyway, thanks a lot for everything, G3 is amazing, such a pleasure to work with a software that is supported by its community this well!



I though about adding support for the touch bar several times. This is the best use case I have seen so far. I’ll see what I can do.


I even thought about making this via a plugin. In case you’re giving it a shot, it’d be a nice to have if one can even swipe over the buttons. In certain designs, it’s not too un-handy. The “Master Selector” plugin uses a slider for that, as there are legit cases for this =)

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