Suggestion: Add an option to decompose all components on export

When exporting a font, along with “Remove overlap”, add a “Decompose Components” option.

If you decide to do this, make sure that the decomposition is run before the removing of the overlap.

Why? I for one don’t feel like all my little pieces should be exposed in the final font.

Plus, I sometimes rotate components, which creates issues with contour direction if they aren’t decomposed.

If you export to OTF, all components are decomposed (CFF based OpenType fonts don’t support components). For TrueType, all components that overlap or with rotation, are decomposed.

But you might need something else. Disable the Export checkbox for all the glyphs that you use a building blocks for your glyphs. That way they don’t end up in the final file.

hm, my mistake. I guess there was some other problem.

This topic returns: Maybe “Decompose Components” option or “Decompose Smart Components” option is reasonable for UFO exports? for example: I’m using a lot of smartComponents. Ufo-export messes up with smart-options.