Suggestion - Alternate Alignment Options

I think would be useful to have different options of alignment, for example aligning top to bottom, or aligning to centre within the glyph.

Alex Slobz has a very useful script that aligns to top and bottom, that can also align single points to the centre of the glyph.

But there is no way to align a segment to centre, I feel like this could be a useful feature. Also, aligning to key objects is a great tool in Ai, I feel like its usage can translate to glyphs.

Example of aligning this segment to centre to create the base for a V

Added this to the scrips. Now you can align selection to glyph metrics (or half of them) when Caps Lock is on.
If you can think of a better way of how to differentiate between aligning points to each other vs aligning to glyph metrics, let me know. Whole separate shortcuts seem redundant :slight_smile:

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