Suggestion > Cmd + Z should undo movement of guides. Essential

Hello, It happens a lot that I move my unlocked guides by mistake. And Undo doesn’t bring them back to position. It will be very helpful if it does. Thanks!

Undo is per glyph in Glyphs. You can undo editing a normal guide since it belongs to a layer of a glyph. You cannot undo edits to a global guide since the guide does not belong to any one glyph but instead to a font master.

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Local guides are included in the undo. For global it is a bit more complicated. It is supposed to do undo just after you moved the guide but will stop as soon as you did anything else. Because it will be very confusing if you change the guide in on glyphs then go to another and do stuff. It is not clear if you like to unto the guide or the stuff in that other glyph.

But it seems to be broken. I’ll fix it as soon as possible.

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I see. Thanks, @FlorianPircher . Yes, regular guides can undo. @GeorgSeifert If you will fix the issue with the global guide, I guess it will solve the problem. Thanks a lot!