Suggestion — collapsing layers

I started to make some variable color initials again recently, and even using fullscreen and the largest possible layer panel, finding the right layer can be quite a pain, especially with many masters.

A lot of this could be solved by giving masters (with layers) the possibility to collapse, for instance using a dropdown. I know it’s possible to view only the color layers of the selected master, but sometimes I would like to pick and choose.

Probably I’m alone in this, but I’d thought: Let’s throw it out here and see what you all think ;).

Have you tried filter options in the Layer panel?

Certainly! The “show only layers of current masters” is helpful, but the more masters, the less effective it is.

But what is the difference between manually closing all master to automatically hiding all sublayers. Or do you mean to hide them altogether?

When I manually close the sublayers I have more control over which masters I’m focussing on, and which layers I want to show hide.

And an added bonus for static color (color palette) fonts: I can quickly swap between glyphs which use different colours and keep the color preview. When I do this with the master swap using the F hotkeys, and the colours in the masters differ, I’m automatically sent to the fallback glyph.