[suggestion] export as background task

would it be possible to make Export to run in background, not blocking the Interface?


Hi Jan - This can be done simply with a script (from the python docs):

exportFolder = 'path/to/dir’
for i in Glyphs.font.instances:
i.generate(FontPath = exportFolder)

That way you don’t even need a notification, though it may be good to set them up so you get warned if it doesn’t export for some reason (features etc).

I disagree; it should be part of the UI because

  1. you need a visual feedback of the completed process
  2. the UI must block any cmd+e till the previous export hasn’t finished
  3. you need feedbacks if anything goes wrong
  4. scripting is for precise and niche actions, this one should be the standard unobtrusive export behaviour


To make the asynchronous export safe, I need to change a lot internally. That change is on my list already but I can’t promise anything.