Suggestion Function trigger

Just an idea, sometimes when I’m using glyphs I execute recursively different filters and functions of the app (remove overlap, correct path directions, scripts, filters, etc) for most of these actions I use keyboard shortcuts but I think it would be efficient a launcher like sublime text (cmd shift p) for those actions that don’t have shortcuts.

I use a lot the OS X help menu to perform this, but is not very fluid.

I don’t know how difficult is to implement this but I think it could be useful because the growing number of functions on glyphs, sometimes is hard to remember everything or requires a heavy use of the mouse and the menus to reach them.

Here a gif of the trigger in ST2

Best regards

This is already possible. Go into System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts and activate this setting:

Once you trigger it, you can search all menu entries and activate it directly from the keyboard.

Yes, thank you. Nice work around.