Suggestion: Glyph repetition after word break

Hi there,

I just had the idea that it would be great Glyphs would show the same glyph at the end of the line and the beginning of the next line in text view, but only if there is an automatic word break. For example, now it looks like this:
So you don’t see the combination 08. This is something which bothered me already in Fontlab. It would be great if Glyphs would automatically repeat the glyph when there is NO manual word break. Then it would look like this

What do you think?

In this case you either should change the edit view width (mine is 30000 for example), or use my Permutation Text Generator script (available on my Github repository) to make this kind of text, in which you can determine how many pairs you want per line, and same glyph will be inserted automatically at the beginning and the end.

Yes, I’m aware of your Permutation Text Generator, and it’s great, thanks a lot. Still I think it would be great if Glyphs would handle it this way as default.

By the way, I just thought it would be great if your Permutation Text Generator would allow predefined lists (just defined in the py file), which you could select in a List A and List B dropdown text field. I found the Automatic Text macro for Fontlab very handy …

That is why I have a Macro Window option, so that you can generate the result as plain text and customise the sample text easily (sample text is underrated!). In my case, most of the stuff I need is in there, and I use the script when I need to improvise or add new stuff to my sample text.

I think features like auto-insertion of certain glyphs are too specific.