Suggestion: Have accented characters inherit kerning groups from the primary component

I find it rather tedious to manually propagate the kerning groups from a primary glyph to its derivatives, e.g. from /A/ to /Aacute/, /Alpha/, /A-cy/, etc. I’d welcome a functionality that would automate this. It might usually not be worth it for lowercase letters, where the accents interfere with combinations like /T/aacute/, so maybe the function could just be run on the selected primary glyphs. (In the typeface I’m currently working on, it would also be desirable for the lowercase, since those are wide glyphs with small accents).

I guess this is a job rather for a script than a built-in menu point, but I figure it would save almost every type designer some boring manual work.

The script exists already. On


set Kerning That looks very promising. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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