Suggestion: line numbers in Features pane

It might be useful to have the line numbers displayed when reviewing OpenType feature coding. As it is, when I get error messages on font export that refer to features by number I can’t debug the situation easily.

(Or alternatively, is there an easy way to export the features all together so I could review it in a text editor with line numbers?)

The missing line numbers are a bug that I couldn’t fix. Will keep trying.

Sounds good. I wondered if that gray gutter was there precisely for this feature!

It still works in 1.3.17, and under certain circumstances in later versions. But we haven’t found out yet what these circumstances are. :-/

So if I’m getting
"Error: “not in range -32767 … 32767 (text was “9223370000000000000”)” in Feature file at line: 232
Error: “not in range -32767 … 32767 (text was “-7378696109951138816”)” in Feature file at line: 233
Error: “not in range -32767 … 32767 (text was “-7378696109951138816”)” in Feature file at line: 234
No File was created",
What’s the best way to figure out which feature code is throwing this off? Only half of my instances are generating, and I cannot figure out why the others won’t work.

can you open the Feature file in “~/Application Support/Glyphs/Temp/[the Font name]/feature” and have a look at line 232-234?

From the upcoming revision of the handbook:

‘At least one node or anchor in the font is out of bounds. A coordinate value must not exceed ± 32,767. Open the Glyphs file in a text editor and search for the string ‘e+’. This way you can find large numbers in exponential notation, e.g. “-9.22337e+18” and see which glyph needs to be fixed. If you do not find anything this way, try the number in the brackets of the error message.’

Thank you both, both methods helped me locate the culprit: two anchors somehow went rogue in my /u/. Re-placed them and all is well. Thanks!

I added a check to prevent this in the future.