Suggestion: modifier key to add a vertical guide

Currently you right click > Add guide to add a horizontal guide. It would be great to hold down a modifier key like Shift or Command to quickly add a vertical guide (I know you can double click on the guide handle but this would be a nice quick method to create a lot of vertical guides in one go). Thanks for consideration

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If you have two points selected, choosing Add Guide will add a guide running through the two points. And you can duplicate a guide by Option-dragging it. But, the Add Vertical Guide idea is also interesting.

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Cheers @FlorianPircher I did discover those options last night :slight_smile: I thought it’d be nice to have the modifier key option from the start however, since it is one step less in the process and vertical guides are fairly useful.

+1 for this
Holding Option/Alt changes to Global Guides so maybe Shift or Ctrl modifier key could be a go way to switch vertical guide option.

Could there also be a modifier key to add a guide at the Italic Angle?

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I wonder if that is not too much for one menu item.

In TextMate there is a pattern that for a lot functions it shows a small popup that asks for details. e.g. when you hit F5 (sort lines), you get this:
You can trigger each item by pressing the number key. Some commands have even more options.


Feels like it could all still work in the single menu line of “Add Guideline” with different modifier keys.
Default – Horizontal Guideline
Option – Vertical Guideline (indesign switches guidelines with option)
Cmd – Switch to global guidelines
Shift – Shift to Italic angle

But that’s an interesting idea with the popup menu. Maybe that can fit into the idea of having different types of guideline/measurement tools? – Ideas for types of measurement tools - #3 by gor.jious

Technically that would fit into one menu item. But it would be almost impossible for people to discover. The Option key is used in a lot places that we can expect people to try that. All other would only be useable if people read the handbook.