Suggestion on Adobe KR 9 mapping file


I have a suggestion about Adobe KR 9 mapping file.

’angleLeft’, 'angleRight’
As U+2329(angleLeft), U+232A(angleRight) are deprecated in as follow, I think it’s better change them with ‘anglebracketleft’, ‘anglebracketright’.

In ‘vert’ glyphs, there are ‘anglebracketleft.vert’, ‘anglebracketright.vert’ for the ‘vert’ glyphs of ‘angleLeft’, ‘angleRight’ as follow with feature syntax.
sub angleLeft by anglebracketleft.vert;
sub angleRight by anglebracketright.vert;

It seems it’s less intuitive for feature generations and glyph order.


You are right. I’ll change it.