Suggestion: Options for displaying active line/glyph in the Preview Panel

When there are multiple lines in the editor view and the preview panel displays everything in a long news ticker…it can sometimes be distracting and overwhelming.

I’d like to suggest having an option with the preview panel to display only the current line that the cursor is the editor.

I sometimes use the Rotate View plugin to have the isolated glyph too. Maybe that can be an option as well?

I’m thinking these options can be accessed by right (two-finger tapping) clicking on the preview panel:

  • Always center active glyph
  • Preview active glyph only
  • Preview active line only
  • Preview all lines
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Thanks for the input. I like the idea.

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Any more thoughts on this?

I still think these preview options will be useful.

As a hack, I have been adding a super-wide glyph after each line to visually isolate a word in the preview panel.

As @gor.jious proposed, I will implement it in Variable Font Preview and we can re-use that implementation for the GlyphsApp preview then. I like the idea, too.

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