Suggestion: please automate webfont generation

Hi, I’m using Glyphs Mini for iconfonts, andwhile it’s a fantastic app, what would really put it over the top would be automatic generation of embed code for web pages, similar to what does. Is this a possibility for glyphs mini and/or glyphs? Thanks!

Are you aware of this:

Just get Fontprep:

Professional web font generation is complex enough that it really needs to be a separate application. Trying to integrate all that into Glyphs would lead down the path of a monolithic, overcomplicated application like Fontlab.

I’ll check them both out, thanks. At first glance, neither seems to do the base64 code that I may need.

fontsquirrel can do base64 encoding.

You can also edit the webfontmaker script to base64 encode. The code is open source.

I second this request for Glyphs to have the ability to export webfonts.

I purchased Font Prep, and it’s a beautiful, great application. However, using a third party app interrupts the workflow. Sometimes, Font Prep strips out glyphs with custom unicode values and/or names.

How often do you generate the webfont? For testing you can use the .otf files.

With respect to hinting for web fonts only, is it possible to characterize the differences between FontSquirrel, FontPrep and webfontmaker?

Georg Seifert
We generate webfonts for every font we release. The majority of our customers use our fonts for the web or mobile devices.

For that the scripts from mekkablue should be just what you need.

I cannot speak for the other services. Perhaps you want to look at their fine print. Webfontmaker uses the hints present in the OTF for the WOFF, and ttfautohint for the TTF and EOT, but also gives you unhinted TTFs and EOTs just in case.


I was able to successfully install and use webfontmater (I opted not to use Homebrew to install the components since fontforge was already installed on my Mac using Mac Ports). Next I’m going to see if I can see any difference between its hinted files and those produced by FontPrep.

Would it make any difference if I subset before or after hinting with webfontmaster? Specifically, would the hinting added by webfontmaster be changed if I used its .ttf output as the input for FontPrep (with hinting turned off in FontPrep’s output options)? I typically use FontPrep for subsetting.

I haven’t tried myself. I have never seriously used FontPrep.


Ok, no problem. I’ll do some tests.

Hi kintopp would be great to hear about your test results, since I just downloaded FontPrep and I did not understand the (auto-)hint function and it's advantage yet.

I started looking into this awhile ago and was then stymied because I couldn’t find a command-line tool which would show me if and how a font was being hinted. I’m sure such a tool exists (?)

I believe FontPrep is using fontforge to create the actual hints but I could be wrong.

BTW, I notice that FontPrep is now an open source project. Depending on your needs you might also want to look at and (I haven’t tried them out yet).