Suggestion: rotation gesture

It would be handy and natural to rotate the curves with the trackpad gesture, wouldn’t it?
Just a suggestion :slight_smile:

The rotation gestures are not precise enough to be useful. At least I have never seen a place where it would be.

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Even if slow the rotation down? I imagine something similar to how shift / cmd add 10 / 100 units to moving with arrows, could be 3 “speeds“ for rotation, one of which would be super slow like 1 degree of rotation per 45 degrees of gesture. Or is it super bad and it wouldn’t help either?

I think it has to do with the UPM grid being too coarse under normal circumstance. The outlines will likely be distorted after multiple rotations. Also, rotation gesture is used where the origin point is not a question (images, maps). I think it’ll be weird if it’s applied to shapes in a graphic space.

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