Suggestion. Show the center of the Bounding box

It would be super useful if the Bounding box displayed its center, for cases like in this image where I want to check if the handles of this point are exactly symmetrical.


But drawing something that would be visible in this case would be quite obtrusive …
There are several plugins in the Plugin manager that can help with your problem.

I had in mind just a little cross. What plug-ins do you mean?

Try Show Center Lines or Smart Plumblines.

I think Show Coordinates of Selected Nodes would be more suited to provide the info desired.

Many Thanks @mekkablue & @George_Thomas, I’ll check them out!

Good advice. But I also bring other troubles when drawing graphics….. Not a perfect solution.

Did you try the “Smart Plumblines” plugin?

Edit: Didn’t see that Rainer already suggested that.

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@Mark I saw it. it’s exactly what I needed and more, showing the slant angle is just awesome! I wish I knew about it earlier. thanks!