Suggestion: Sidebearing formula shortcut

A formula shortcut for “space this sidebearing the same as the opposite sidebearing of this character” would be a real time saver.

For characters with tricky names, or a number of suffixes applied a shortcut would save having to repeatedly copy character name > type ‘=|’ > paste .

My suggestion for the shortcut would be something like =| or ==| or ==

This was asked by Tim a few days ago and I already implemented it.

Great minds think alike. Greater minds search the forums before posting.

Good feature - thanks.

I have found searching the forums pretty much useless, by the way. I never get any search results.

Er are working on an improved navigation for the forum and the blog. Until then use google: [search]

Also, note that the default searches "topic titles." Select "Where to Search" underneath the search box and select "Messages" in the pull-down menu. That should help provide more results.

Thanks, that helps a lot.