Suggestion: Underline preview



Personally, I don’t think underline is important enough to justify a change in the app UI and increased support (‘underline in TextEdit does not look like in Glyphs’). So, I believe this would be the job for a Reporter plugin.


I would gladly use that plugin!


I’d find it very useful too. Can a reporter plugin add icons to the bottom of the window as shown?


Whoever writes the plugin should track down the engineers who have improperly implemented underline support and get them to write code to preview underline in all the broken software out there.


No, and it shouldn’t. You can put stuff in the context menu.


That’s a shame. Icons would be more elegant for toggling behaviour. The context menu already has enough entries to need brain power.


I tend to disagree. Imagine ending up with a dozen icons down there. And the context menu is only populated when the reporter is active in the View menu.


If it would be implemented as a Reporter plugin, it would be activated from the View menu.


I added a plugin that will preview the underline parameter. It needs Glyphs 2.3b (879).

It uses a new API that allows to add buttons to the bottom bar.


Wow. You are great. Thanks :heart_eyes:


Very good! Thanks, Georg.