Suggestion: Working in the same file simultaneously


Are there any plans to make it possible for multiple users to collaborate simultaneously in the same Glyphs file with live editing – e.g. like it is done with MS Office apps and documents in Dropbox.

Best, Rasmus

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There are plans but it is not very high on the list. It requires a lot infrastructure to make it work.

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I think that is the worst idea ever.

MS makes business apps, Glyphs is a creative app. Creative people typically do not design by committee. Imagine the Mona Lisa created by a committee.

There is an ages-old joke that the camel is an animal designed by a committee.

Collaboration is already more frequent than you think. Dropbox-style hotsyncing is good for a single user, but is too insecure and error-prone for team collaboration. Many people, me included, have resorted to git solutions such as github.

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Collaboration is one thing, and I can see that, but working on the same file simultaneously with live editing is quite another.

I have no idea how that would work, but for a project that I’m working with two more persons right now, would be perfect.

I’m reviving this old topic, as it is relevant for me at the moment.

I’m working with another designer on the same Glyphs file, each working on different parts of the characterset.

Because of time zone difference most of the time we would not be working often at the same time in the file, but sometimes there’s a chance we’d be doing work simultaneously.

What would be the best way to handle this collaborative workflow? It is preferred to keep the work within one file, and not to divide the set over different several Glyphs files.


Two pieces of advice:

  1. Get familiar with git.
  2. Use a regular git client, and in special cases (like overlapping work hours), CommitGlyphs. Find it in the Tools section.

Agreed, Git and Github works well for collaboration as long as you commit frequently (as often as you hit Cmd-S)

Right, thanks. I’ve been dreading the day that I have to learn how to work with git, but I guess it’s inevitable. :sunglasses: