Suggestions and Stroke-Drawing-Concept

Hi all,

 (I post this in Glyphs Forum (not Github) because it could be also a design-suggestion:)

First of all:
Thank you Mekka for fixing the bug in the Noodler-Plugin.
Also Thank you for setting up all the powerful scripts for Glyphs in the last time.

My first Suggestion:
Is it necessary to implement a ‘Remove Overlap’ action while using “Noodler”?
“Broad-Nibber” and “Verfetten” don’t have this.

My second Suggestion:
I know there are differences between the concept “drawing-outlines(?)” (glyphs, fontlab)
and “drawing-strokes(?)” (f.e. in illustrator).

 For me, the last reason to use adobes illustrator is/was his "drawing-stroke" concept;
 make a sketch, set up the brushes for testing and squeeze the font as much as it have to.

 Today, we have also a nice set of "Brushes" (Noodler, Verfetten & Broad-Nibber) in Glyphs, 
 and also the possibility to get some kind of "preview" of the strokes (Verfetten Vorschau, show Blackfill).

 It would be great to have a comfortable workflow for the first parts of design; 
    drawing rough stroked Type/Icons and get preview of the stroke-expands (like drawing concurs in illustrator).
 Later - for the detail - there is nothing better than using the "outline-method" for Fonts.

 I know there are the possibilities, but for now its uncomfortable, because of using these different scripts and views.


The way it is currently implemented, it is still necessary because otherwise the Rounding afterwards would not work. You can see for yourself: Just comment out lines 292 and 293 in Noodler.glyphsFilter/Contents/Resources/ To some extent, this already works. But doing this with Python-based plugins would lead to performance problems. Using the Adobe Fonts folder is a quick alternative though (takes about a second):

a) i can really read the code but can imagine the need

b) maybe someday, thanks for the tip