Suggestions: behavior of cmd+X, add anchor with selection tool, leading in Edit View

Hi there

I’ve been using glyphs for about two months now and I’m really happy with it so far. Though, here’re some suggestions for future versions…

- cmd+X = breaking path open between selected nodes (as Robofont and FL)
atm it does do the same as deleting a node. Also the “break path”-command doesn’t really do the trick.

- cmd+opt+click the path with selection tool = add node
also cmd+opt+shift+click could be an extrema

- cmd+opt+click a node with selection tool = break the path
Instead of switching between selection and path tool all the time

- Option to change leading in Edit View

- Possibility to draw multiple rulerlines with the ruler tool and let them be visible while editing the path + ruler snap to node
This could be done with guidelines but it’s just to complicated when you wish to measure a glyph at 8 angles while editing.

Thx A

Thank you for your suggestions.

This is already implemented as a Font Custom Parameter. Go to File > Font Info > Font > Custom Parameters, and add a new parameter called 'EditView Line Height'. Press P and click to add a node. Press P and shift-click to add an extremum or inflection point. Press V to return to the Select tool. Fewer keys pressed. Select a node, press Opt-Backspace. No need to switch, and fewer keystrokes than your suggestion.

Thanks for the reply!

Thanks for the hint. Didn't know that... That's the way I do it now and I find it a bit circumstantial. Why not have this option with the select tool? Especially the break path thing would help a tone and would save the tool switching. I don't see the fewer keys pressed here tbh. What I suggest is more like a hotkey for the drawing tool, like ctrl+opt+cmd is to switch to the ruler. This shortcut does break the path, but it does also delete the selected node(-s). The hotkey for the drawing tool would solve this.

Though, when it comes to breaking the path, the behavior of cmd+x is essential imo. Say I want to break a circle open, so that 3/4 of its outline are still there. I have to select the drawing tool, then break the path open at two nodes, then switch back to the selection tool and delete the segment.

P = one key Ctrl+Opt = two keys What exactly is the problem with switching the tool when you have shortcuts? The other way works: The Select tool has a global temp key, Cmd. A temp key that does not collide with anything else is difficult to find, e.g. the ctrl-opt combo already has different purposes, so that wouldn't work. To achieve this, as shown in the Getting Started video, you add a node (on- or off-curve), and immediately afterwards press Opt-Delete.

You do not need to switch the tool for that: If you are using the Select tool, Opt-click the segment to add BCPs; and if the Draw tool is active, just click the segment to add an on-curve node. An added on-curve node is selected right away; handles aren’t, so you would have to select one of them before Opt-deleting.

Cmd-X is a clipboard operation, and as such, requires a selection. Currently, selections in Glyphs are strictly node-based, so there is no way to select just the segment.

If I want to switch to the ruler, I could press L, but I much rather use the ctrl+opt+cmd temp key.

This temp key would be nice between the select and the drawing tool, as it is the other way around, when I press cmd, as you mentioned.

what does it do?
I figured that. It would also be nice to select a segment and be able to use the direction keys on it.

What should the direction keys (=arrow keys?) do?

arrow keys, right... What I meant was selecting a path segment and editing the curve with the arrow keys, as when I click and drag a curve (segment). Like fit curve without the palette.

Fit curve without the palette? Cmd-opt-1 through 8

There is a handbook in which all these things are documented. You can download it in PDF format from the Getting Started section of this website. There, you will also find introductory video tutorials, about 2min each, and I think they give you a good impression of what you can do with the app and a few handy tips.

Ah, sorry, Ctrl-Opt, not Cmd-Opt.
No, that's not what I meant Thanks for the infos. I've watched the vids, got the PDF and worked that through just to know, what the app is capable of, before I even downloaded the trail. I wouldn't come here making these suggestions without having explored the app for quite some time. I've been using fontlab (I don't think I'm the only one here) before switching to glyphs and I have no regrets so fare. But obviously some things that I found REALLY HANDY don't behave the way I'm used to now...