Suggestions for accessing Corner Components

Smart Filter
I know there is a Smart Filter option for Has Corner with a Yes/No check but I can’t seem to find an option of finding a specific corner component.

Regular components have the options for Has Component, as well as, Contains Component which allows for filtering components with a specific name. It would be helpful if corner components have the equivalent option, such as Contains Corner.

From edit view
Similar to components, it would be helpful to be able to select a corner component in edit view and have an option for Show all glyphs containing this corner component

Additionally, one bug I notice with corner components is that when they are really really small (when handles are 1 or 2 units in length), the blue highlight doesn’t appear which makes it impossible to select in edit view.

For your edit view request, try Mark2Mark’s recyclers plugin: GitHub - Mark2Mark/show-recyclers-plugin

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